Jennifer Rurka Yoga

About Jennifer Rurka Yoga

Yoga has brought me more gifts than I ever thought possible. I began practicing because it was a source of serenity - a respite - in a chaotic world. After seven years of devoted practice, I know that yoga is not just a source of health, balance and serenity, but of freedom. Freedom to breathe. To be in the moment. To live the life I dream of.

My favourite saying is “Be where your feet are”. Through yoga, I’ve learned to let go of regrets. I don’t worry about tomorrow. I know that where I am is where I need to be. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits yoga provides are well-documented. My goal is to help others unlock their freedom and realize their potential.

I am a certified Yoga Siromani (Teacher of Yoga) and have completed the Bridge Program for Ishta Yoga. My love for the practice has taken me to over 20 different yoga workshops  - with many more to come. My next Teacher Training is in April and I’m really excited about my Facebook page for details. And as a yogini who loves beautiful gear, I’m proud to be an official Lululemon Ambassador.

In 2010, I travelled to India to complete a Sivananda Yoga Certificate. What an incredible experience! For several weeks, I was immersed in the discipline from 4am until 10pm with only the bare necessities. This challenge provided me with greater inner discipline and tremendous personal growth. The experience strengthened my devotion to a healthy lifestyle, inner peace and the continued pursuit of spiritual evolvement.

I’ve had the good fortune to be guided and mentored by Swami Sadasivanda at the Sivanada Ashram in India, as well as Sean Corn, Tanis Fishman, Annie Carpenter and Edward Clark. Their incredible wisdom has greatly influenced my life and teaching.

I’ve been especially gratified to teach high school students and youth football teams. Witnessing the growth and confidence they gain through the yoga experience is always inspiring. My work with hockey players - from Midget, Bantam, AAA Hockey and NHL teams - is a wonderful example of how yoga can bring the benefits of health, vitality, recovery and rehabilitation to all.

I became an instructor to share the life-changing benefits I've found from this practice with others. I’m so excited to share this endeavour with you! Just as yoga brought freedom to my life, I hope my online yoga studio will bring YOU the freedom to practice with me...anywhere, anytime.